The Rebirth our first art exhibit at Unlocked Coffee

The Rebirth our first art exhibit at Unlocked Coffee


Born in Anderson SC, Cecily self describes as a visual artist, public speaker and world traveler.

Cecily exudes an undeniable flow and taps into her personal storehouse of magic. Her bright carefree demeanor radiates lightning on canvas, dream catchers or any medium she chooses to work with. Vibrantly, she takes her butterfly art to new higher levels daily. Her work is texturally imaginative, raw and playful offering her audience a refreshing perspective.

With more than 18 years of experience, Cecily has worked with such organizations and brands as Patricia Field, Sean Puffy Combs & NBC.

Ms. Witcher’s work has been spotlighted on television show Younger and in various magazines as well as several New York galleries and boutiques.

Cecily continues to explore the many techniques and styles of art in each of her pieces where she uses many color combinations and mediums to express the mood and moods of her subject matters. 

Last week we had the opportunity to share with Cecily and Rhonda Rawlings for an interview at our shop, they had an awesome time and we want to share little more. 

See complete interview here:



The Rebirth

Thank you for stopping by to view my exhibition “The Rebirth”. This is me at my most vulnerable place and I'm happy to share me with you. The way my art was born was from a very dark and sad place “divorce” I was feeling lost so I packed my bags and my manual to my Sony NEX5-N and boarded a plane to Costa Rica. The rest is history but it feels amazing to have something so beautiful come from such a ugly moment in my life. That moment has passed and my passion for photography has grown.

The goal with my art is to bring happiness, create a connection, confirm you are on the right path, a feeling of this too shall pass or that this too did pass and I received my wings.


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