Where to find the best breakfast in Downtown Greenville, SC?

Where to find the best breakfast in Downtown Greenville, SC?

At Unlocked Coffee Roasters in Greenville, SC we love for people to enjoy the experience as much as possible, recognized by our Latino bakery options and signature drinks that have made this place unique. 

We try to provide healthy ingredients, we have chosen the multigrain flats, you can add cheese and egg. Texture is rich and fresh. Did we mention that the eggs are from a local farm?

 For those that love smoothies in the morning, we have four options to boost your brain and energy with all but fresh fruits and no added sugars. 

In the picture you see on the left the Gut Healer and Berry Mindful. 

One of the most popular items in our menu is our signature drink Chocolate Espresso! People are in love and talking about it. In our home town Colombia, people drink lots of coffee and chocolate too, that grandma´s recipe is causing lots of people to smile while they drink it.  Unlocked Coffee gives this drink its unique personality by mixing chocolate (cacao based), cloves and cinnamon, finishing it up with shot of espresso and your favorite choice of milk; almond, whole or oat. 


chocolate espresso

 For the bagels lovers we have them all! Add cream cheese, egg or eat it plain with you favorite coffee drink. We like it with egg and cheese to add more power to our morning rush. Are you a bagel lover? This is another option for those visiting Downtown Greenville on a week day or over the weekend. 


Lastly, we have our Latino bakery, in the picture below you can see our recently introduced our Guava Cheese Delight. People say it has the shape of an empanada, and its filled with guava jam and cheese. Perfect for a hungry morning or to share it. 

We saved best for the end! Finally, the 5 star super star, the Colombian Cheese Bread or Pandebono, one of the best sellers at Unlocked Coffee. 

What is the magic on this Colombian deliciousness? We say is the softness of the yuca flour that makes it gluten free, the freshness of baking it in house or simply the love that we use in everything is done at this coffee shop! 

Come visit us Monday- Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. 

See our complete menu and order ahead here

 Thanks to Kaydee Hughes Photo for this amazing shoots! 

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