2nd Anniversary Unlocked Coffee

2nd Anniversary Unlocked Coffee
Hola Familia!
What a year it has been! Unlocked Coffee Roaster is getting ready for the event of the year! Our second Anniversary, this coming December 2nd, "A new journey begins"!  The coffee shop was opened in 2020, a week before the pandemic hit, and we were able to survive. Last year we celebrated our survival, and this year we were entering into a new journey. Why? Since the moment we decided to open a business we wanted to help people as much as possible and that is coming true; direct trade with young farmers in Colombia is a reality. How? We are investing money in improving coffee facilities so young farmers like Yeison Ramirez in Colombia can upgrade processes, sell at higher prices and be able to produce not regular coffee but specialty coffee.
Secondly, we have introduced unique coffees, currently working with Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan and African farmers, with outstanding processes that you don't want to miss. We are making a new journey in making our roasting processes better to provide a higher production volume for bigger companies and demand. 
Furthermore, Unlocked Coffee Roasters is located in the Art District, what a good connection is to have more art at our venue. We decided to work with Jorge Rojas, a Colombian artist, painter and muralist that specializes in large format painting and is a lover of communities and people. His inspiration navigates between the connection of mind and heart in the way he lives the creation of the universe. This day we will have the mural revealed, with the story and a meet and greet with the artist on the day of our celebration. 
Jorge Rojas Muralist


There is more stored in our new journey that will be shared this day and believe us you don't want to miss it. Come join us this coming First Friday, December 2nd to celebrate our Anniversary. One day of full celebration with what we do best: coffee and family! 

We are highlighting art, coffee, farmers and community. We hope to see you this coming December 2nd, at 556 Perry Ave in Greenville, SC.


Thank you, we love you!


Andres and Rosie 



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