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Hello from the mountains!

Hello from the mountains! I am in Colombia, my home country, and I am still spending some time learning, living and breathing coffee; this is what we do best at Unlocked Coffee.  Words are not enough to describe the magnificence of the mountains. This land carries the fortune of growing one of the best coffees in the world. What can I say? Do you like coffee? We love it too!  Can´t wait to share more about what I learned from this trip, so far we had the opportunity to meet in person many of the farmers that put the coffee in your hands. These people are fortunate to wake up each day with this view. Learning and getting the best coffee...

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What is French Press? Learn how to prepare it

What is French Press Coffee? French Press is a manual brewing method that makes coffee by steeping grounds in hot water before pressing them to the bottom of the container to separate the grounds from the liquid. At Unlocked Coffee Roasters, we recommend the Yama French Press, which gets a clean filter of the ground coffee from the water. To ensure freshness in each cup, use a grinder and the amount of coffee beans required instead of having all your bag of beans grounded which is not the best practice.   What you need? -Scale -Coffee beans -Grinder How to prepare it? Start by selecting the coffee of your preference, we recommend the Ethiopian coffee “Origins of Sidamo”, grind it...

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One Year Anniversary Unlocked Coffee Roasters- Invited Artists

For our One Year Anniversary we have prepared some special artists to show some of their pieces during this event the coming October 2nd.  Golden Butterfly Studios is owned by Alek, founder and visionary that focuses on the production of silk filigree art.  Being originally from Macedonia, handmade silk filigree art is a very common and traditional art in Europe.  "I think simply it was the history (that dates back to 3000 BC), the tradition, the mystique, and the elegance of this work that inspired me to pursue this business. Plus, it’s always a wonderful feeling to see people’s reaction to my work, and to hear that “they’ve never seen anything like it before”. I want to keep this work and all those wonderful reactions I get from people alive and...

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Where to find the best breakfast in Downtown Greenville, SC?

At Unlocked Coffee Roasters in Greenville, SC we love for people to enjoy the experience as much as possible, recognized by our Latino bakery options and signature drinks that have made this place unique.  We try to provide healthy ingredients, we have chosen the multigrain flats, you can add cheese and egg. Texture is rich and fresh. Did we mention that the eggs are from a local farm?  For those that love smoothies in the morning, we have four options to boost your brain and energy with all but fresh fruits and no added sugars.  In the picture you see on the left the Gut Healer and Berry Mindful.  One of the most popular items in our menu is our...

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Juan Hipp! Honduras coffee, bringing down the clouds

Let us introduce you to Juan Hipp, which is not only our newest Honduras Coffee, it talks about is direct trade, three generations work, community building and good coffee! Juan Hipp is all about Unlocked, people, farms and lots of love.  In the 1960s Juan Hipp Sr. purchased land on the high altitude mahogany and cedar filled mountains of Santa Barbara where the microclimate is optimal for coffee. After three generations, the coffee this land produces has been the passion and livelihood of many families in surrounding villages.   What gives a real difference among other coffees is the possibility of doing direct trade with the farmer. Same as we did with our coffee "La Familia", this time we partner directly with...

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