Juan Hipp! Honduras coffee, bringing down the clouds

Juan Hipp! Honduras coffee, bringing down the clouds

Juan Hipp honduras coffee

Let us introduce you to Juan Hipp, which is not only our newest Honduras Coffee, it talks about is direct trade, three generations work, community building and good coffee! Juan Hipp is all about Unlocked, people, farms and lots of love. 

In the 1960s Juan Hipp Sr. purchased land on the high altitude mahogany and cedar filled mountains of Santa Barbara where the microclimate is optimal for coffee. After three generations, the coffee this land produces has been the passion and livelihood of many families in surrounding villages.


What gives a real difference among other coffees is the possibility of doing direct trade with the farmer. Same as we did with our coffee "La Familia", this time we partner directly with Montevista Coffee, to keep the family tradition and bring it in a bag of coffee to USA. 

All the supply chain of this Honduras coffee is done by the same family; planting, harvesting, processing, exporting and shipping.  By overlooking every step of the process we can guarantee great quality in a consistent sustainable manner every single time. 

In addition, with buying this coffee you are giving back to the community. This farm has not only think about themselves, during the years, they have given back to the community by donating water and electricity to the surrounding communities, contributing to the education and well being of every individual who participates in the process. 

 Juan Hipp in a few words: 

    • Direct Trade
    • Consistency
    • People
    • Community Work
    • High altitude coffee
    • Roasting review: The first feel: lime in your mouth. Medium body/low to medium acidity. Citrus mouth feeling plus Red prune sweetness after taste. 

We have some much to share about Juan Hipp, our new Honduras Coffee! That is why we have created this short video to summarize the beauty of this coffee brought to you by Unlocked Coffee Roasters. 


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