One Year Anniversary Unlocked Coffee Roasters- Invited Artists

One Year Anniversary Unlocked Coffee Roasters- Invited Artists
For our One Year Anniversary we have prepared some special artists to show some of their pieces during this event the coming October 2nd. 
Golden Butterfly Studios is owned by Alek, founder and visionary that focuses on the production of silk filigree art. 

Being originally from Macedonia, handmade silk filigree art is a very common and traditional art in Europe. 

"I think simply it was the history (that dates back to 3000 BC), the tradition, the mystique, and the elegance of this work that inspired me to pursue this business. Plus, it’s always a wonderful feeling to see people’s reaction to my work, and to hear that “they’ve never seen anything like it before”. I want to keep this work and all those wonderful reactions I get from people alive and going for generations to come".

Alek would be displaying part of his collection during our celebration. Find more about Golden Butterfly Studios. Link here

Meraki Pottery

You have probably already hear about Meraki Pottery already, recently in 2021 Trina Piercy, launched Greenville coffee shop postcards as part of Meraki Paper, having Unlocked Coffee Roasters as one of her inspirations, isn´t that cool? 

unlocked coffee post card

Trina will be joining us for this upcoming event as well, showcasing part of her portfolio. Get to know her more on her social media channels below. 

Follow her on Instagram and see more of her work. 



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