What is French Press? Learn how to prepare it

What is French Press? Learn how to prepare it

What is French Press Coffee?

French Press is a manual brewing method that makes coffee by steeping grounds in hot water before pressing them to the bottom of the container to separate the grounds from the liquid. At Unlocked Coffee Roasters, we recommend the Yama French Press, which gets a clean filter of the ground coffee from the water. To ensure freshness in each cup, use a grinder and the amount of coffee beans required instead of having all your bag of beans grounded which is not the best practice.  

What you need?


-Coffee beans


How to prepare it?

Start by selecting the coffee of your preference, we recommend the Ethiopian coffee “Origins of Sidamo”, grind it at a coarse level, so the coffee doesn´t go through the filter when you start the press.  

For one cup, grind between 20 to 25 gr of coffee and place it inside the French Press glass,  with a 1:16 ratio of water, at 200- 205 Fº or boiling point. Let it rest for 4 to 5 minutes and then press at a gentle pace at a consistent press. Serve it preferably in a preheated mug.

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