Opening Recap! and 2 years doing biz

Andres Camargo and Rocio Salazar

We will love to give you details of this event, but words will be short. In 2018 we decided to start our business on the International Coffee Day, we had no clue that on this day this celebration took place, after we found out, we were even more excited. 

The place of where today is our coffee shop is located found us; the day when we knew our business was going to be located at Poe West we came to see it and this double rainbow appeared in the sky, we were even more excited with all this signs from Heaven! 

Our adventure has been a real adventure, specially when a global pandemic hits and makes you open business in the middle of difficult times. We finally felt it was time to give the feeling of a real opening with all the restrictions that are still taking place, we had to celebrate that we are OPEN! 

We had 3 frames that day, first frame all the customers came to taste our coffee and our favorite Colombian bakery item, "pandebono". We were surprised by the amount of people that came to support us. Second frame was even better, we were receiving presents, our friend Francisco Sanchez, from Hispanic Alliance that came with the idea of framing this coffee sack. Is beautiful, our hearts beats went faster with this awesome moment. 


The last frame of the day was our Latte Art Throwdown with friends from different coffee shops like Junto, Barista Alley and Bridge City, more than a contest it was a time with our coffee family. 

Two years later, even though it has been a rough year for everyone, we are thankful with life and God for giving us this opportunity to officially unlock our doors. 

Thanks Greenville! 

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