Ethiopia the Origin and how we are Unlocking it!

Ethiopia the Origin and how we are Unlocking it!


Origins, our new Ethiopian coffee is now available at our shop and online, roasted each week for you to have it fresh in your cup. We wanted to make this coffee part of our Fall Selection for the end of the year, when the weather and celebration is the daily bread. 

Why Origins?
Historically Africa is considered the origin of coffee, this amazing plant was discovered here and then spread out. We wanted to honor this place with this name so educating will be part of the process as roasters in Greenville, SC. 

Want to know more about this amazing coffee? Come see us this Wednesday from 8 -12 pm and taste some free drip coffee. This event will be at our shop. A perfect time not only to enjoy specialty coffee, but to relax in a cool space that is located only 5 minutes away from Downtown. Come this Wednesday and Saturday in the morning and try it, it might be a good idea to try it with our famous Colombian cheese bread :)

Part of our job as roasters in Greenville  is to unlock the best of this coffee, during that process we found out three main things.

The first is the natural sweetness, second the fruity taste and third a very pleasant after taste you will want to try. 

Want to buy it! Click here 


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