El Obraje, Colombian coffee beauty

El Obraje, Colombian coffee beauty


There is a lot to talk about when El Obraje shows up. It was our first coffee, that one that opened the doors to this small business and new roastery. It became our first baby LOL.

This specialty single origin coffee comes from Nariño, that is one of Colombia’s 32 Departments. It shares a southern border with Ecuador and is home to thousands of smallholder coffee producing families. Colombia’s three ranges of Andean mountains converge in Nariño, presenting ideal altitudes and fertile soil for high grown Arabica production.

Nariño’s particular geography and proximity to coastal and land borders have historically transformed it into a corridor for illicit trade routes, resulting in unwarranted violence against residents of remote mountain farms. Today, thanks to the particularly resilient and fearless spirit of Nariño’s farmers, the small region is a respected nucleus of coffee innovation.

Obraje colombian coffee

That is what Obraje is all about, pure Colombian coffee from the mountains to the vibrant city of Greenville, SC. Some very interesting tasting notes can be found in this coffee; chocolate and floral notes that come alive in the morning brew or in a good latte. 

By reading this I can smell it. 


Farms, people and love. 

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