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Juan Hipp! Honduras coffee, bringing down the clouds

Let us introduce you to Juan Hipp, which is not only our newest Honduras Coffee, it talks about is direct trade, three generations work, community building and good coffee! Juan Hipp is all about Unlocked, people, farms and lots of love.  In the 1960s Juan Hipp Sr. purchased land on the high altitude mahogany and cedar filled mountains of Santa Barbara where the microclimate is optimal for coffee. After three generations, the coffee this land produces has been the passion and livelihood of many families in surrounding villages.   What gives a real difference among other coffees is the possibility of doing direct trade with the farmer. Same as we did with our coffee "La Familia", this time we partner directly with...

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Another Great Place to Find our Coffee!

Happy to announce another great spot in Greenville where you can find our coffee: Sweetberry Bowls! Sweetberry Bowls was founded in 2017 to feed the ever-growing health-conscious consumer. They strive to offer fast and healthy alternatives, that are beautiful and delicious. They continue to inspire people to be more conscious of what they eat and their everyday diet. We also feel a responsibility of educating the public about health and wellness. Zachary Elliott is an entrepreneur and Unlocked Coffee friend, is a cancer survivor and an aspiring one-legged golfer. He has a passion for living life with adventure, travel, and success. Get our coffee and healthy food options at:  233 N Main St #11, Greenville, SC 29601

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What is the story of La Familia? The Family, our new Colombian Coffee

What is the story of La Familia?    La Familia, or "The Family" is our Colombian coffee. We are very happy because it was the first time we could do a direct trade with the farmers, this means a lot because you can guarantee that they are receiving a fair price for all the hard work they do.  This coffee is grown at a farm called "La Maria", owned by the lovely family you see on the picture are Adolfo, Zoe and their daughter Lorena.    What you will find in this coffee? Process: Honey   70 hours of fermentation Notes: Fruity flavors and tropical nuts.  Origin: Colombia  Elevation: 1600 mts  And the best is that by buying this coffee we...

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The Rebirth our first art exhibit at Unlocked Coffee

  Born in Anderson SC, Cecily self describes as a visual artist, public speaker and world traveler. Cecily exudes an undeniable flow and taps into her personal storehouse of magic. Her bright carefree demeanor radiates lightning on canvas, dream catchers or any medium she chooses to work with. Vibrantly, she takes her butterfly art to new higher levels daily. Her work is texturally imaginative, raw and playful offering her audience a refreshing perspective. With more than 18 years of experience, Cecily has worked with such organizations and brands as Patricia Field, Sean Puffy Combs & NBC. Ms. Witcher’s work has been spotlighted on television show Younger and in various magazines as well as several New York galleries and boutiques. Cecily...

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Signatures Coffees by Andres Camargo

What is the signature coffee?  We decided to give a high standard to some of the coffees that we are roasting because of the origin and the story behind them.  Signature Coffees by Andres Camargo is our exclusive line of coffees, our head roaster has placed his signature on it, and that is the reason for the name. Writing his signature means high-quality coffee on your cup and a special story to highlight.   What is special about Thousand Hills? This coffee comes from Africa, Rwanda. On a worldwide scale they produce less than 0.2% of the global coffee supply, however. there are more than 450,000 farmers behind this small percentage.  Foto taken from: Farmers in Rwanda have a full-scale...

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