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Red Land, the African beauty now at Unlocked Coffee

We love coffee, we love trying new ones, and roasting an African was one of the short term dreams we had. Finally, this Ethiopian coffee was highlighted in one of our cupping sessions and now is at our online store and coffee shop. Many people have asked us if its a medium, light or dark roast. Our answer is: Our job as roasters is to find the best of each coffee, and as our name says, we want to unlock every taste that comes from each coffee.

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Know the story of the Taza and Pincel cups

The story behind our handcrafted cups Every part of our shop, every detail and every cup has a story. The story behind the colourful cups you see at our shop is amazing.  Taza&Pincel (Cup&Brush) is located in Cali-Colombia, South America; Aura and Dayro Villegas, sister and brother, began this dream of hand made exclusive pottery having as priority creativity and passion in each piece.  Each of their products unique, the result of a 100% handcrafted products, that give a dynamic personality to spaces. We decided to bring them from overseas to add a closer experience to the country where one of the best coffees is made: Colombia.  You can find more of their products at: @tazaypincel Historia en español Taza&Pincel...

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El Obraje, Colombian coffee beauty

  There is a lot to talk about when El Obraje shows up. It was our first coffee, that one that opened the doors to this small business and new roastery. It became our first baby LOL. This specialty single origin coffee comes from Nariño, that is one of Colombia’s 32 Departments. It shares a southern border with Ecuador and is home to thousands of smallholder coffee producing families. Colombia’s three ranges of Andean mountains converge in Nariño, presenting ideal altitudes and fertile soil for high grown Arabica production. Nariño’s particular geography and proximity to coastal and land borders have historically transformed it into a corridor for illicit trade routes, resulting in unwarranted violence against residents of remote mountain farms....

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Colombian Coffee, hand crafted in Greenville

  This is the second coffee that we launched on our coffee journey. The name made many think that this coffee had artificial flavors. Actually specialty coffee has NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, the reason why is called this way Aponte Cherry is basically that the beans stay a little longer in the cherry giving the opportunity to the coffee to absorb more of the sugars and good stuff so that your coffee can taste even better.  The notes of this coffee are amazing, the sweetness is present together with the classic cup balance of the Colombian coffee. This coffee can be purchased in the 12 oz bag or 5 - pound bag.  Cheers to coffee, Unlocked Coffee Roasters   

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