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Know the story of the Taza and Pincel cups

The story behind our handcrafted cups Every part of our shop, every detail and every cup has a story. The story behind the colourful cups you see at our shop is amazing.  Taza&Pincel (Cup&Brush) is located in Cali-Colombia, South America; Aura and Dayro Villegas, sister and brother, began this dream of hand made exclusive pottery having as priority creativity and passion in each piece.  Each of their products unique, the result of a 100% handcrafted products, that give a dynamic personality to spaces. We decided to bring them from overseas to add a closer experience to the country where one of the best coffees is made: Colombia.  You can find more of their products at: @tazaypincel Historia en español Taza&Pincel...

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