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Unlocked Anniversary

Unlocked Anniversary

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The creation of this coffee is very special for us because we are celebrating Our Year Anniversary when we opened the doors of our coffee shop in Greenville, SC; also celebrating 3 years of opening our roastery since 2018 during International Coffee Day! 

We partnered with a Colombian farmer to bring this special edition coffee to your hands. 

Origin: Antioquia- Colombia 

Variety: Chiroso

We believe Chiroso is the new Geisha! This endemic variation to Urrao, Antioquia, is a rare mutation from Bourbon and Caturra. At Santiago’s, Colombian farmer, his father Jose Arcadio, planted Bourbon Chiroso and Caturra Chiroso over 10 years ago because they were more productive, as he explains. Only to discover in 2012 that those coffees had an outstanding award-winning profile. With notes of Mandarin Orange, Apricot, Bakers Chocolate, Mellow, Mint, Milk Chocolate, this coffee has consistently placed high in COE. This particular coffee is fermented for 5 days in stainless-steel open tanks, then washed and selected by hand. The stainless steel tanks have allowed Santiago and his father to develop one of the most consistent coffees we’ve tasted.


What does Unlocked Coffee think about this coffee? 

Is the best way to celebrate life, with a smooth and long after taste. Deep chocolate and citric notes will make an unforgettable experience for your morning coffee. It also comes in a special wrapping that you will love! 

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