Tierra Maya Coffee - Mexico

Tierra Maya Coffee - Mexico

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Be close with the Maya history tasting “Tierra Maya Coffee” from the indigenous people Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Indígenas y Ecológicas de Chiapas (FESICH) in Mexico.

Federación de Sociedades Coopertivas Indígenas y Ecológicas de Chiapas (also known as FESICH or FIECH) was founded by farmer groups from Tzotzil, Tzeltal, Mame, Chuj and Zoque. The cooperative has over 3,300 members, primarily indigenous farmers and their families. Each producer does their own wet milling and dries the coffees on their own patios before delivering the coffee to the cooperative. Since the founding of FESICH they have established a renovation program, built a nursery that now houses over two million coffee plants and offers training programs for leaf rust treatment. In addition, producer members have access to small producer financing.

Farm – Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Indígenas y Ecológicas de Chiapas

Region – Angel Albino Corzo, Chiapas

Process – Washed & Sun-Dried

Altitude – 1,100 -1,800 meters above sea level

Variety – Bourbon, Caturra, Sarchimor, Catimor, Costa Rica & Marago

Fairtrade certification

Notes: Juicy Cranberries, vanilla, apricot, dark chocolate and balanced acidity.