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el obraje 12 oz
tasting notes el obraje colombian coffee
El Obraje

El Obraje

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El Obraje

 This unique single-origin coffee comes from Colombia. This is the first coffee that Unlocked Coffee started roasting and somehow is one of our favorites.

The climate and terrain of the region were this coffee cropped, are major contributing factors to its coffee’s unique cup profile. Temperatures vary greatly in a day, from 32 degrees Celsius at noon to 8 degrees or less at night. Obraje is located near many volcanic mountains and the rocky soil is filled with minerals. 

The hundred-hectare Hacienda El Obraje is a truly stunning property in the mountains of the Nariño department, with coffee planted on the slopes descending to a river valley. 

Obraje is a keeper, whether you like a daily cup of good coffee in the morning, or you want to enjoy it slowly during the weekend. Give it a try and let us know how you like it. 

Tasting notes: floral, chocolate.

Origin: Nariño, Colombia