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Costa Tarrazu
Costa Tarrazu
Costa Tarrazu

Costa Tarrazu

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Honey process coffee to wake you up

 A highland coffee from Tarrazu Tirra in Costa Rica is part of our Fall Collection. Did you know this region is known because its coffee production is one of the best in the world? The volcanic soil and high mountains that surround the plantations make this coffee have unique flavors in the beans. 

Costa Rica's diverse climate, gorgeous topography and rich, fertile soil produce some of the best conditions in the world for growing coffee. That is why we love Costa Tarrazu, a HONEY process coffee brings a balanced acidity to the cup, working together with a medium body. The after taste of this coffee is something you will love. 

What do we think about this coffee? 

Unique flavor, medium body, smooth after taste. 

 What is honey process? 

"As with most “definitions” in coffee — as in most of agriculture-based food production — there are a lot of footnotes, endnotes and parentheticals. Simply put, a “honey” is a coffee that has been depulped but left to dry in its mucilage, the sticky fruit coating that lives just underneath the coffee cherry’s skin, or pulp. Often, the honey itself will be classified by color, such as white honey, or yellow, red, or black. What exactly determines the color of the honey will vary, and we’ll touch on that more specifically in a moment. " (Taken from Daily Coffee News. Read the complete Honey Process article here)


Caturra and Catuai



Tasting notes

Dates, juicy body and strawberries.


Tarrazu Tirra, Costa Rica