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Aromas del Sur
Aromas del Sur
Aromas del Sur

Aromas del Sur

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If we could paint a picture of where this coffee comes from you will see mountains surrounding a farm on a hilltop, green surroundings and coffee plants on a 1650 meter altitude. 

This coffee comes from the South of Colombia, that is why we name it Aromas del Sur, that means "the aromas from the south". The area where this coffee farm is located is in Huila, one of the states that are now standing for their quality coffee.  

This coffee is perfect for those who like an aromatic coffee, smooth when you drink it. Fall is here, want to make it better with Aromas del Sur?  


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia



Tasting notes

Green Grape, Kiwi, Sugarcane, Caramel